Cancellation/Refund Policy

You may cancel your order any time prior to shipment of products you have ordered. Contact or call 678-749-7521as soon as possible if you have a concern, or wish to change or cancel your order prior to shipment. 

No Refunds. Exchanges only for defective or damaged products.

You are responsible for confirming that you have ordered the correct products prior to purchase. PointeDVD is not responsible for products ordered in error, and is not obligated to refund or replace products ordered in error. PointeDVD guarantees that all products it produces will work properly, and be free from damage or defect upon delivery. If you receive a damaged product or it fails to work properly, contact or call 678-749-7521. PointeDVD will replace defective or damaged product(s) with identical product(s) at no cost to you. PointeDVD may at its discretion offer you an alternate product in exchange for one that you purchased. In this case, you may be required to pay for postage and handling and a re-stocking fee, to be disclosed by PointeDVD at the time of the offer.


We can ship to virtually any address in the United States or Canada.  Most of our products ship for free.  Exceptions are noted in the product description.  All shipping is by United States Postal Service.

When you place an order for a product which has already been produced and is available for shipping, you should expect us to ship your order within a week.  Typically we will ship within a day.  You will receive e-mail notification that your order status has changed, and you will be able to log in to your account to see shipping information and track your shipment.  Orders placed in advance of an event which has not yet been produced and is not yet available for shipping will be filled in the order received as soon as production is complete.  We strive to complete each production within one week of the last performance, but occasionally it can take up to 3 weeks.  Your credit card or other payment method will be charged at the time you place your order.