Pointe Video? WTH

16 years ago, I started PointeDVD with the bold mission of producing high quality videos.  We were dance parents who had bought our share of really bad DVDs.  Quality was poor, over exposed, and it was hard to tell which dancer was our daughter.  So I bought some pro-sumer HD video cameras and PointeDVD was born.  We started with her school and eventually word got around to other schools and companies in the Atlanta area.  About a dozen professional HD and 4K UHD cameras later, we now work with dozens of companies in greater Atlanta and the southeast.

16 years.  Pre-ballet dancers in that first recital are in college.  I have been doing this a long time.

DVDs were great back then.  They still are, but there are much higher quality video options available.  You can't even buy a DVD player any more.  My first Blu-ray player was over $1,000.  Now you can buy them for less than 100 bucks.  Some people don't even have a disc player.  Why would you if you can stream videos on Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Roku, Apple TV and so many other video on demand platforms?

Well say hello to Pointe Video.  We now have our own TVOD platform.  That's TV on demand.  You can watch our videos on any device.  Computer, mobile phone, tablet and TV with Chromecast, Apple TV or Roku.  There are options to buy, rent and download videos.  I invite you to take a look at PointeVideo.com.  We have begun adding our newest content and will eventually offer our entire collection.

DVDs and Blu-rays built PointeDVD, and we will continue to offer them.  We are also offering you the opportunity to make your own DVD with the purchase of select videos on PointeVideo.com.  Instructions are included.  And you may also download a digital copy.

Perhaps the coolest new thing we have begun to offer is live streaming of events.  More on that next time.

Thank you for visiting Pointe Video!  Here's to the next 16 years.