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We don't do weddings

All we do is performance and stage events. We specialize in dance, which is about 98% of our business.

We are dance parents. As kids, we were in plays and musicals, sang in the chorus and played in the band. Our daughter is the dancer, and we are ballet fanatics. We have purchased our share of mediocre videos that were watched once or twice. We have seen feet cut off, overexposure, underexposure and random shots that miss the choreography. That's why we are in business, and we love what we do.

Since 2006, PointeDVD has been producing high quality DVDs and Blu Rays Discs of dance performances and other events in the Atlanta area. We started with our daughter's dance school, and now work with more than 30 schools and dance companies in the Atlanta area.

We know what to shoot. We know an arabesque from an attitude. We know when to use a close-up and when to show the whole stage. It is video you will want to watch and will be proud to show your friends and family.

Shockingly clear. That's how one artistic director described our video. We use professional HD cameras on every shoot. Then we produce standard definition DVDs that will work on most any DVD player as well as high definition Blu Ray Discs.

Fast delivery. Why should you wait weeks or even months for your DVD to arrive? We turn around projects in days. Our goal is to deliver every DVD within a week of the performance, and we have an excellent track record. Sometimes it only takes a day or two. We don't want to wait any longer than you do.

Is it expensive? That is a relative term. If something costs $20 and it takes a long time to arrive and you're disappointed when you get it, that is expensive. Our prices are competitive with other professional videographers, but the value is remarkable. Excellent quality + fast delivery = happy customers.

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