The Nutcracker 2020

If you are looking for physical copies of DVDs or Blu-ray discs for the Gwinnett Ballet Theatre 2020 production of The Nutcracker, they are available here. All discs are sold individually and do not include a case or sales tax. Buy up to 5 discs and save up to $100!

  • Buy two discs, save $25
  • Buy three discs, save $50
  • Buy 4 discs, save $75
  • Buy 5 discs, save $100

If you would like to stream and download the video in 1080p HD and make your own DVD from the same image file we use to make our DVDs, visit our new Pointe Video site!  Stream on any device.  You may also download the digital HD file for your own personal use, and even burn your own DVD! Instructions are included.

Check out Pointe Video!